Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I see a pattern forming...

...I seem to have been caught in a still-life web - and I'm loving it!

I've found myself shopping around and foraging about for interesting objects to photograph recently and I've started seeing the world in small, sepia-toned snippets!

One of my most recent image is, in my own personal humble opinion, my best so far. I was really chuffed with the final results and I've had some really positive feedback from various quarters. I think I've definitely found my niche...for now, anyway!

The image in question is called 'Thel's Motto.' The title comes from a prophetic poem by William Blake called The Book of Thel. One of the verses reads:

Does the Eagle know what is in the pit,
or wilt thou go ask the Mole?
Can Wisdom be put in a silver rod,
or Love in a golden bowl?

I uploaded three versions of Thel's Motto - one in colour, one in sepia and one in sepia 'on canvas' to Flickr to guage reactions and the canvas version seems to have won, hands-down, so I'll be releasing a canvas version of this and other images in due course. I want to use the highest archive quality canvas and printing so will do a bit of research first!

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