Monday, 18 May 2009

Christian Photography

I'm very passionate about people using their creative gifts for worship, prayer, praise and ministry. Some people sing and dance, others draw and paint - I take photographs. It's a wonderful to spend some time with God, especially doing still life or being out in the landscape, and the resulting images can be used to share the gospel. A winning combination!

I'm part of a core group at St Peter's in Farnborough, called 'Audience of One,' who are desperately trying to further creative worship, not only in our own church but also as an outreach to the wider community.

FACT: Everyone has a creative gift - even if they haven't discovered what it is yet!

I have a selection of some of my photographic prints with a strong, deliberate Christian influence and some with a less immediately obvious link, in my Etsy shop. They are all currently available unmounted for $10 or mounted (matted) for $20.

I am an artisan member of Veritasse, the Christian Arts Society, in the UK and exhibited some of my work with them at Spring Harvest 2009. Through Veritasse I made my very first sale (The Boot) to a church in Wallington, Surrey, at the end of 2008.

I have been asked by Audience of One to run a Christian photography workshop at St Peter's during the summer. I will also be running a drama and theatre skills workshop (when I'm not taking photos I'm a promenade actor.)

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