Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls - Please welcome... Diana!!!

I've got a new baby! No, Wiliam doesn't have a new sibling, but I am now the very proud owner of a Diana F+ 120 film camera!

Regular readers of this blog will know that over the past year I have developed (see what I did there?!) a passion for lomography-style photography. Well, now I can focus (I did it again!) on the real thing!

If you want to know more about lomography, you can find lots of very interesting and often entertaining info HERE!

The Diana is seriously old skool - around 99% plastic, it leaks light like a sieve, the colours are often very saturated and sometimes there's a shadow or blur on the photo. So why then, you may ask? Why on Earth would a professional photographer with a perfectly good collection of SLR and digital SLR cameras want one?

Well; my answer is simple: happy accidents!

I want to get right back to basics and rediscover the magic of capturing images on film. I also want to have some fun and stop worrying too much about all the rules and regs of photography. I want to enjoy and capture the looks on people's faces when I get Diana out and start taking photos!

Remember the first time you picked up a camera and took a photo? You didn't know if it would turn out alright but you assumed it would. Remember collecting the photos from the lab or chemist? Remember nearly getting knocked down by a car because you couldn't wait 'til you got home before looking at them?

I want that back! (Except for the getting knocked down bit, obviously...)

And just LOOK at her - she's beautiful! Pure Daily Planet retro class! That blue and black body is straight out of the swinging sixties! Her flash looks like something from thirties Hollywood! Pure class!

Can you tell I'm in love..?

Now... off to buy some film...

'Til next time,
Em ♥


  1. I'm sooo excited for you!! Congrats on your new baby :) Let me know how it goes!!

  2. Nice blog. I am now a follower.


  3. LOVE the camera!! yes I remember those days!! i remember collecting some photos from the develeopers and walking through the town centre with my mum and my sister, we couldn't wait to have a look at them so we went to one side and stood outside a shop to have a look and one of the photos had come out so funny we were all in absolute hysterics crying with laughter and getting some very strange looks!! Good times!! :-) xx

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    I was going to buy some film today... but as the entire county is under 16 inches of snow I may have to wait a day or two..!


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