Thursday, 28 January 2010

Are You Getting Your Five-A-Day?!

Well, the weather has been very miserable since the the snow melted away; grey skies, rain and cold wind. Not having all-weather gear and having a toddler in tow is not at all conducive to landscape photography!

So; I've stayed indoors and done a lot of soul searching, as well as some still life photography. Two things that are definite are: A) I love still life and will always return to it and B) I don't eat enough fruit. Actually, I eat almost no fruit at all (unless the raisins in a Cadbury's Fruit & Nut bar counts? It doesn't? Oh...)

And now, ladies and gentlemen #clears throat# for the obligatory joke:

Here is the fruit of my most recent labour... and it looks like I've cracked up more than myself!
(Please don't feel you have to laugh. Oh, you didn't...)

Eat A Rainbow

Until next time!

Em ♥


  1. I have that EXACT apple decoration and I have a pair too!!! I bought them in Lincoln this christmas as I loved them!! Fab the caption :-) xx

  2. Gorgeous, arne't they?! I adore crackle glazed stuff!

    I often go hunting in charity shops for still life items and found this in the British Heart Foundation's January sale - although the new and inexperanced lady on the till charged me full price! (I didn't realise 'til I got home, but decided it was worth it and it was for a good cause, after all!)

    Thanks for stopping by, MyBeadyEye!

  3. Hi Emma, I've given you another Sunshine Blog Award!

  4. Thank you so much, Cinnamon Jewellery!


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