Saturday, 14 November 2009

Westy Exhibition, Aldershot


Some news for anyone in my local area. The fabulous West End Centre, in Aldershot are holding their annual open exhibition from the 16th of November to 12th December. The preview night is Monday (16th Nov) and I'll be there with my family as my Mum and I have both entered works into the exhibition!

I inherited my creative side from my Mum, so it seems fitting that we're exhibiting together, side by side. It's also very exciting for me, personally!

Like myself, my Mum has a long history of mental health problems but she was also diagnosed a couple of years ago with Multiple Sclerosis, which has meant she has to use a cane or wheelchair to get about. I've watched Mum struggle and suffer so much with MS that it's with great pride I'll see my pieces hanging alongside hers.

The two pieces I've selected are A Gentle Freak-Out and The Chapel Gate.

If you're in the neighbourhood from the 16th Nov to 12th Dec, do pop your head round the door of the Westy gallery. If you come along in the evening the bar will be open, so you can grab a drink (including tea and coffee) and a snack and settle into one of the big leather sofas!

Let me know if you're coming - wherever possible I'd love to meet you there for a drink and a chat! (I'll be at the Westy on Tuesday night anyway for a rehearsal for an upcoming Christmas show.)

Bye for now!
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