Saturday, 17 October 2009


Just a gentle reminder to my loyal followers :-) that until Dec 1st I'm giving away a free 5x5" or 7x5" print of your choosing with every single 10x8" sold (and none of this 'one-per-transaction' high street nonsense, either!)

If you buy three prints, you get three free - simple!

(And if you mention that you saw the offer in my blog, I may just throw in an extra freebie..!)

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  1. I will certainly have to check out your shops. I'm glad to find another photographer on Etsy. Perhaps I'll have to look into joining the POE club, although I'm also an illustrator so I don't know if they'll let me in. From what I see on your blog though, I love your work.

  2. Hi, Emma! I posted your photo on my blog last night- I wasn't sure if you saw. ;)Love your stuff!

  3. Hi M.M.E! As far as I know, POE will let in any photographers who's Etsy work is mainly, but not exclusively, photography.

    You'd definitely be welcome into the fPOE (Female Photographers of Etsy) group! Just click on the logo to the right ---->>>

  4. Hi Amy! I saw the blog article almost the minute it went live - it's great! Thank you so much for including my print!

    I wanted to leave it a little while before I answered to get some genuine reactions. Also I thought it might be seen as mere showing off!

    Em ♥


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