Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dear Father Christmas, I've been a very good girl this year...

Well;, anyone who knows my photography knows how much I adore lomography and the vintage look (see previous blog entry here!)

Now I'm ready to take the plunge, put down the battery chargers and memory cards and go totally old skool...with a toy camera!

(So, for anyone who doesn't know about toy cameras, please read on...)

Yes, you heard right. I said 'toy'. Not that these are toys - no siree! They may be 'cheap' (relatively speaking) plastic cameras but they take some of the best photography I've seen. Check out this work from fellow fPOE team member, HolgaJen, who just happens to be one of my great toy camera inspirations: (Please click on the photos/titles.)


Polson Park

Check out Jen's shop here!

You see, 'toy' cameras, like the Holga featued here and the Diana cameras, are definitely not mere toys...but that doesn't mean they're not fun!

Look at the stunning effects they can achieve - the aged, retro feel; the vignetting (the shadow around the edge); the rich colours or deep black & whites, the bursts of sunlight...some people spend hours in Photoshop trying to achieve with a digital camera what the Holga or Diana can do in an instant on film. Ah yes, I do miss working with film...another reason to give this a go!

Yep, I already know what I want this Christmas - and it definitely isn't a silly jumper with Rudolf on it!

Em ♥

Coincedentally, World Camera Day 2009 is coming up on Staurday, 17th!

(P.S. More info about Holgas here)

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