Thursday, 11 June 2009

Gloss or Matt?

I have a bit of an obsession with matt/matte prints. My subjects, particularly the urban landscapes/portraits and still lifes, look so good on matt that I automatically order them on matte. An advantage of using good matte photo paper is that it reduces reflections, which is why galleries often use satin or matte. Light bouncing off a picture doesn't do much for the image and can be quite annoying for the viewer who has to dodge and weave to get a good look!


...saying that, some of the colours I use just look so much better in high gloss - and I mean HIGH gloss! The paper still has the same high quality (I use Fujifilm Crystal archive paper for all my 10x8" and A4 prints) but the colour images are given an extra richness and depth. Beautiful!

So - the ball really is in your court. I often print colour-only and colour versions of my images in both matte and high gloss, so if you don't see the alternative in my Etsy shop, just ask! The price is currently exactly the same for both.

(BTW; I always use a well-established and trusted professional lab for all my printing. Rest assured!)

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