Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Easter Assignment

In case you were wondering whether I do any other types of work aside from the character portraiture and fine art stuff, the answer is yes! Occasionally I undertake voluntary assignments for my church such as event photography and the like.

One very fun shoot was with a friend's son, Benjamin. I was asked to set up a portrait shoot to exact specifications, that being a young boy in front of a white background eating a lot of chocolate and obviously loving it!

The shoot was great fun. Ben's daddy brought him over to my house and we sat him on the floor (on a sheet...I'm no fool) while the chocolate fun began! William, my own son, played with Ben's dad behind me so in the photo what you can actually see is Benjamin in fact laughing at them! A great team effort! We also had quite a bit of Easter egg left over... ;-)

(Text added by St Peter's. Photo shown here with permission of the parents)

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