Monday, 19 March 2012

A Little Retrospective...

I sometimes find it useful go back through all my work of the last few years and compare the changes, improvements and influences on my photography.

Oriental Lily

Rainbow Afternoon

I've mainly been looking through my more recent work, up to about a year ago and it's made for some quite interesting viewing! Since New Year 2011 I've tried various new things, the most obvious being my Everyday for Lent project (very topical right now!) which allowed me to not only use my photography to spread the Good News, but also put me into the difficult position of having to meet the daily challenges of taking a good photo, matching it with a relevant Bible verse, processing the final image with the text, and finally uploading the whole thing on the internet every day! Not easy, especially when for 2 weeks of the 40-day period I was away and had no internet access! Still - it opened my eyes to new photo opportunities, which was a huge plus and I connected so positively with so many people through the project, both Christians and non-Christians alike, all over the world. As a form of outreach, it certainly did its job! Once again, I thank God for giving me the gift of photography and I feel therefore it's only right to use it to serve His church.

Lent - Day 15

Lent - Day 27

Lent - Day 14

In June, on my birthday, hubby and I spent a wonderful day wandering around Tri-Lakes Animal Park at Sandhurst in the Blackwater Valley. It has beautiful lakes to walk around, with weeping willow trees and a whole host of animals and birds to spot, pet and feed. Technically it's a children's petting zoo, but it's so much more than that, which I hope my photos prove! (A short while before, a good friend and her son had taken me and my boy over there and I was simply enchanted by the doves which sit on your hands to feed! Then our boys took a goat for a walk on a lead... a magical day!)

Elemental #3

Elemental #4 

Elemental #1

Recently I've been photographing vintage items for our new venture: a vintage shop on We aim to sell good quality, genuine, vintage collectibles and curios, with a British flavour, but more about that nearer the time!
Product photography is yet another discipline with it's own set of rules and regs. Clear, uncluttered backgrounds which don't distract from the item; good lighting, whether its natural daylight or studio lighting; shots from various angles, highlighting any damage, maker's marks/design labels and any interesting details and keeping some form of perspective to show how big or small the item is. A really good, well-thought out product incorporates most if not all of these 'rules' and still results in an eye-catching image which will draw possible customers in. I simply think of it as commercial still life!

Cocktail/Canape Forks in Antler Horn Pot, c.1970-80s

Cute Little Whimsical Mouse, c.1980-90s

Red Shoe Trees/Formers, c.1960s

Shabby Chic Floral Vase by Axe Vale Pottery, c.1980s

I hope you've enjoyed this short trip down (recent) memory lane?
If you have any questions, comments or good jokes, please leave them in the comments box below!

Take care, until next time,
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