Saturday, 21 January 2012

A New Year's Revolution!

I'm so chuffed; it's still only January and I'm in my first exhibition of the year! Also, it's being curated and run by my lovely friend Ross Atkin, who works at the Bricks & Bread Sustainable Living Centre when he's not commuting to work and back to his regular 9-5, so I'm doubly-chuffed.

Actually, I'm trebly (is that a word?) chuffed because Bricks & Bread is an amazing, forward-thinking social enterprise, encouraging and assisting people to live, work and build sustainably. The brainchild of Trudy Thompson in 2009, B&B is a place for experts and enthusiasts alike to share ideas, offer free advice and promote sustainable living and self-sufficiancy. To find out exactly what they do and how you can get involved, CLICK HERE.

Until the end of March they're running an exhibition called 'A New Year's Revolution', showcasing the work of various craftspeople and artists, with a little background on each. The idea is to promote, share and inspire creativity and new skills. All the exhibits are displayed with a short bio about each maker, with contact details and a photo. I love finding out about the 'person behind the product' - I believe when you buy something handmade, you're investing in that person and their work. I also love finding out about what makes other people tick and why they do what they do, or make what they make. (I'm also a bit of a nosy parker, quite frankly!) Look out for work by Ali Haydon and Kate Atkin, two very talented ladies who also happen to be gorgeous friends. Check out Vicky Lloyd from NEDay Crafts, too; who have selected B&B as their Eco-Business of the Month!

A variety of free workshops are also on throughout the exhibition, including Extreme Knitting, which is one I may just have to do. (I just need to relearn how to cast on... again!)

So, if you're in the Aldershot area between now and March 31st, get yourself down to Bricks & Bread. I've just spent a happy lunchtime looking around at all the wonderful crafts on display and chatting to Ross and Trudy, so I can personally recommend it! We also had a look around the reclamation store downstairs... an Aladdin's Cave which really brought out the eco-friendly interior designer in me!

So that's my latest news; until next time; take care
(and 'trebly' is indeed a word - I just checked!)

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