Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Urban Decay - Some Thoughts...

Nok Woz 'Ere
I have a love/hate relationship with urban decay. On the one hand it's terrible - a blight on our cities and towns. A lack of respect for public and private property and our communities. On the other hand it makes for great photography! Am I saying let's keep trashing our towns in order to give me something to photograph? No. I hope that by taking these photos I will both offer a kind of beauty and inspire people to clean up their act. I'm making a statement - a commentary on urban decay. Sometimes I simply take the photo because I can't physically or safely remove or fix the offending item. But I won't lie, a dumped trolley in a frozen pond is like catnip to me and my camera..!
The Ditch
Dog Ends
The Boot
The Skip
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  1. I know what you mean, I feel the same way! Great photos.

  2. It does indeed make for good photos! A friend of mine who is doing photography at uni did her final project at A-level on 'The Streets of Preston', focussing on exactly this kind of stuff!

  3. Urban Decay always, I don't know why, makes for beautiful photography. Your photos make me miss my home, Detroit!

  4. Back at A-levels I used to be obsessed with this kind of thing! Though I never did get round to some proper urban exploration, I wish I had before I got older and more wary of abandoned buildings.


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