Friday, 3 September 2010

Hello friends, it's been a while..!

The Old Singer

Sorry to have neglected you all for so long. As many of you know I suffer from recurrent depression and boy, did it recur! I'm living like a hermit at the moment (albeit a married one with a small child!) but in terms of my photography it's forced me to think small - inside the box (well, house!)

Ever since I can remember, my Mum has had this huge Victorian sideboard, inherited (I think) from my maternal Grandmother. On it my Mum displays all her blue-and-white china and other assorted antique and antique-looking knicknacks, interspersed with the usual handmade bits and bobs and bizarre strangeness made with more love than talent in my and my sister's school art classes! (I'm sure that last sentence is screaming out with grammatical errors but you know what I mean!) Anyway - the point is that it inspired me to do a whole new series of sepia-toned, vignetted images, evoking the past with a touch of romance. I thought about those Victorian brides-to-be, safely storing away items for their new lives as married women and all the romantic ideals, excitement and anxieties ahead. 'Her Bottom Drawer' is the story of one such young lady - and it all starts with a wedding cake...

A Fine Romance

The Little Russian

The Painted Duck

(In case you're wondering about the giveaway, I hadn't forgotten - I just wanted to make sure I could include these new prints! The giveaway will be my next blog post. Promise!)

Love, Emma


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  1. Sorry to hear your depression recurred, most unpleasant :(

    But on the mend again I hope!

    These photo's are very beautiful :)

  2. Gorgeous photographs as usual.

    I hope you are on the mend :-)

  3. Thank you both so much, for your kindness. I'm about to have a bit of a radical overhaul in my medication, so fingers crossed!

    I'm glad you like the photos!

  4. Love the pictures, just featured one of yours on my blog too. Hope you sort out your medication this time and it works out for you xx

  5. Hi Emma, Its great to see you back - I love the new photos xx

  6. Thanks for the feature, Gnomead!

    Thank you and Crafty Mummy for your kindness


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